Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity in a Changed World

Naeema Booker

Supply Chain Director at Boeing

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If two years ago, there would have been a scary movie entitled COV1D-19 and the impact to Supply Chain, many of us would not have believed it. Who would have envisioned shortages in basic toiletries, the inability to physically be close to individuals, the lack of a cohesive national strategy, and the overall devastation to the economy? Although we could not imagine this, how can Supply Chain leaders prepare to respond in a more agile way to devastating world events? In order to answer this question, we have to define what does the word "Risk" mean? The definition is different for each individual, function, company, and country. In this presentation, we will discuss how to identify, prioritize, and address risk while becoming a stronger organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you decipher between "Risk" and "Crisis" Management? How should your actions differ in each scenario?

  • How do you retain and in some cases attract "Key" talent during a Crisis?

  • How do you incorporate "Risk Management" as a part of your ongoing process improvement initiatives?

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