Saving Halloween: How Mars and Bounteous Created A Virtual Trick or Treat Experience

Keith Schwartz

CEO & Co-Founder at Bounteous

Romain Apert

Chief Information Officer at Mars Wrigley

Seth Dobbs

Chief Technology Officer at Bounteous

Learning Objectives

Join executives from Mars Wrigley and Bounteous as they share the story of TREAT TOWN™, a mobile app conceived, designed, developed, and launched in 12 weeks, as well as the unique technical challenges they overcame to allow purchasing and redemption entirely through the app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital innovation was required to solve the unique challenges introduced by COVID-19

  • Cross-functional teams across design and technology were crucial to meeting key deadlines

  • A co-innovative partnership with digital agency Bounteous helped guide and execute strategic and creative vision