SCE’s Grid Modernization Journey

Avanaesh Jayantilal

ADMS Product Director at GE

Brenden Russell

Chief Architect, Grid Management Systems at Southern California Edison

Learning Objectives

GE Digital’s DER-Aware ADMS empowers electric utilities to accomplish the digital transformation of their business. Managing a constantly changing and dynamic electricity ecosystem is challenging, and as complexity increases, the transformation of data into actionable information enables electric utilities to make the right decisions for their consumers and their personnel. DER-awareness within the ADMS provides control room operators enhanced situational intelligence to recognize developing situations to act quickly and decisively, orchestrating both DER and the grid. Utilities globally have seen significant return on investment from their ADMS deployments, including enhanced DER orchestration, grid reliability/resiliency and crew safety. This panel will introduce SCE, one of GE Digital’s forward-thinking utility customers that is partnering with GE, and walk through their strategy to accomplish DER orchestration across their grid for the benefit of their consumers and to meet regulatory objectives.