Small Actions Big Difference: Igniting Stakeholders Through the Sustainability Ownership Experience

CB Bhattacharya

Zoffer Chair of Sustainability and Ethics at University of Pittsburgh

Learning Objectives

This talk shows how companies can integrate environmental and social concerns into all their business decisions – from the mailroom to the boardroom – and thereby be part of the solution to our current existential crisis. Fueled by a sense of purpose, the transition from a sole focus on profits (i.e., the traditional bottomline) to a focus on people, planet and profits (i.e., the triple bottomline) is critical for all companies that want to be around long term. Such a transition, via the “sustainability ownership experience,” is a surefire way to ignite employees, provide more meaning to their jobs and endear them to their companies, boosting employee engagement. It’s a veritable win-win-win for companies, their employees and our planet and people.