Smart, Fast, and Powerful – A Data-Driven Approach to OMS

Amy Grice

Manager of Operational Technologies and System Engineering at Peninsula Light

Daniel Nechay

Senior Product Manager at Survalent

Learning Objectives

How many “false positives” do you get from your outage management system when people are involved? How many customers call “just to see” if you know if they have power at their home? How many call to see if their family member or neighborhood has power, but they aren’t home? At Peninsula Light we found that up to 10-20% of our outage calls, especially during a major event, were from these “false positive” inputs. This type of call distracts from the outage response and requires time from dispatch and control center staff to determine if they are legitimate. As PenLight deployed a cellular meter AMI system in 2020, we are moving to a fully digital, data-based OMS system. To achieve this goal, PenLight’s ADMS/OMS implementation relies on outage notifications from our 200+ SCADA enabled triple-single reclosers and switch cabinets, and the new meter’s 99% reporting of outages and restorations. This presentation will provide an overview of the foundation we built over the past 7 years to bring our vision of a data-driven OMS to life, and our roadmap for the coming years to further extend use of the system.