Staying Ahead of the Competition in an All-Digital Economy

Michael DePrisco

Chief Operating Officer at Project Management Institute

Learning Objectives

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to quickly — and drastically — reconsider and accelerate their digital transformation plans, resulting in a more focused conversation on the importance of technology adoption across organizations. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that change isn’t going to slow down, and organizations need to look forward to the future of their organizations. What was learned during the pandemic and how can this be applied to organizations going forward to “future-proof” themselves for the next disruption? In this executive interview, Mike DePrisco, Chief Operating Officer, Project Management Institute (PMI) will explore the impact of pandemic-led digitization and innovations, the subsequent disruption to organizations, industries and people, how companies are adapting amidst the competitive landscape, and immediate next steps for organizational leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impact of pandemic-led digitization and innovations

  • The subsequent disruption to organizations

  • Industries and people, how companies are adapting amidst the competitive landscape

  • Immediate next steps for organizational leadership