Stoic Leadership – Building Resilience in Difficult Times

Peter McKenzie

Chief Financial Officer at Stoic Leadership – Building Resilience in Difficult Times

Learning Objectives

This engaging, interactive and energetic keynote describes the techniques of Stoic Leadership and how Stoicism, a philosophy from the times of ancient Greece and Rome provides the solutions a leader needs to run a happy and productive team, no matter what external events are taking place. 

This session gives you and your team the mindset and practical tools to become productive, resilient and engaged, tackling the most common problems a leader faces when leading a team. 

This action-packed and practical keynote will challenge participants to apply stoic methods to evaluate their own leadership style and values, reduce stress and increase focus, both for you as a leader and for your team to create a culture where respect and ethical behavior increase creativity and success.

Key Takeaways:

  • How focusing your team on what is under your control and filtering out what isn't leads to massive productivity gains for your team

  • The importance of courage for leaders and for teams-How to build courage and openness in the workplace

  • Focus like a Stoic - how building daily routines, time for deep work, and valuing people's time will boost personal and team performance