Stop Kidding Yourself: Managing Your Salespeople

Charles Forsgard

VP of Global Sales at Honeywell

Learning Objectives

When you talk to your sellers about CRM, do you use the word "logging" or do you use the word "planning?" Does your CRM serve your sellers, or do your sellers serve your CRM? Most company's focus on CRM is on managers seeing data and being able to report on it up the chain. What we should focus on is how to use CRM to better enable our sellers. With a few simple changes to your approach, you can flip the story and have the tool help make the seller more effective - using the data from the tool to help the sellers pinpoint for themselves where to best invest their time & improve their performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to change their fundamental approach to CRM and start enabling their sellers

  • How to use the right data from the CRM to enhance performance

  • How predictive analytics can bring a new dimension to how you think about the deals in your pipeline