Strategies and Communication Systems for Grid-edge Modernization

Niroj Gurung

General Engineer at ComEd

Paul Pabst

Manager, Project Execution at ComEd

Learning Objectives

Modernization at the edge of the distribution grid is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Take smart inverters: Utilities, ISOs/RTOs, and regulators are pursuing various approaches to adopting smart inverters, with many states and utilities in the initial stages of developing approaches. Learn how Minnesota approached smart inverter strategies though a utility case study that also involves the MN PUC and MISO. In addition, this session will also cover why grid architecture is becoming an increasingly prominent consideration in grid modernization initiatives via a discussion of ComEd’s work with DOE on SIMPLE (Sensors with Intelligent Measurement Platform and Low-Cost Equipment), a platform to enable high-fidelity monitoring and distributed control of a distribution system.