Strategy: You Need One Now More Than Ever. Key Tips to Creating an Effective Functional Strategy

Bonnie Curtis

CHRO at Castellini Company LLC

Learning Objectives

It starts with a great business strategy, and if you do not have one HR can, and should, help business leadership create one. Once you have a business strategy, HR has an opportunity to bring it to life with culture and people. Creation of a 5-year journey map outlining metrics, systems, and behaviors will help assure that the strategy stays on track. This session will cover toplines for strategy development and will share a sample of a 5-year journey map. You need a strategy, and you have one today even if it is not declared. With the Covid-related changes, a strategy is more important than ever. I will discuss how you can nudge your CEO to create a thoughtful strategy if you don't have one, show you a great process to use in strategy development, and I will share a tool that any function can use to develop a one-page strategy map to support your company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips to convince your boss that you need a written strategy (a real one)

  • Using the Monitor process for strategy development

  • Creating a one-page journey map to help your function deliver on the strategy