Succession Planning: Key Steps to Pave the Way in Knowledge Transfer, Continuity, and Talent Development

Sonja Pasquantonio

Human Resources Director at Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.

Learning Objectives

A successful succession plan helps to not only pave the way for new, and upcoming leaders, but also ensures that the resident expert(s) offer a holistic share-out of their job knowledge well before their departure, thus ensuring minimal impact on operations. Although most succession plans focus on key leaders; a successful plan incorporates jobs at all levels and addresses several key steps to ensure success. Succession planning is a value-add for large and small organizations. This session will walk through why we plan, when we plan, and potential pitfalls if we fail to plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding why we plan, when we plan, and what happens if we don’t plan for succession

  • Strategies and Tips for Success

  • How to overcome roadblocks