Supercharging the CFO Office with Artificial Intelligence

Ashok Manthena

Senior Manager-Product Management at Gap

Learning Objectives

According to a recent poll, finance teams devote 80% of their time to business execution and 20% to business insights. These teams will benefit from A.I's assistance in implementing a data-driven scientific approach to financial modeling and forecasting, which will increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Slower finance adoption has been attributed to the absence of A.I. enabled B.I. tools, lack of standardization of finance use cases, as well as a lack of DS/ML skills within finance teams. This presentation seeks to address how A.I. in finance gives the organization a competitive advantage and how the CFO can be the first to facilitate the transition in a simple and affordable way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the right time to get started on your A.I. journey in finance

  • Explore the transition in adopting new A.I. practices for your finance department

  • Learn about exclusive A.I. use cases in finance today