Supply Chain Agility: Pivoting Away from Risks and Toward Opportunities

Thomas Goldsby

Haslam Chair in Logistics at University of Tennessee

Learning Objectives

All the buzz these days is about resilience in business and supply chains in light of disruptions posed by a global pandemic. That’s understandable when businesses have been hamstrung in their ability to meet surging customer demands. However, resiliency does not embrace the opportunities that widespread disruption presents. Rather, agility is a more robust approach to risk mitigation and opportunity maximization. In this session, we will explore how companies are seizing the opportunities found in widespread disruption while facing strong customer demand. We examine situations where companies mitigated risks but also seized lucrative market opportunities by leveraging their supply chain process capabilities, achieving once-in-a-lifetime market share gains that will pay off for decades.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to identify risks and opportunities sooner

  • Identify options for faster response to changing circumstances

  • Leverage knowledge and technology to gain advantage