Supply Chain Best Practices Born From Adversity, COVID-19 Learnings

Keith Woods

Group Director, Logistics at The Coca Cola Company

Learning Objectives

The coronavirus pandemic has put supply chains front and center, especially for brands like The Coca-Cola Company where products have a shelf life, and that creates added pressure. COVID-19 has been the “ultimate supply chain audit." Supply chain has been front and center and the pandemic tested Coca-Cola’s supply chain in many ways. It gave the company insights into its leadership capability and flexibility, and raised the importance of communications between suppliers and customers. From the adversity of COVID-19, several supply chain best practices were born.

Key Takeaways:

  • During COVID-19, we've found that leadership has been our greatest asset; more valuable than any technology, process or operations

  • As it relates to consumer buying habits, there was no roadmap. We had never seen anything like COVID-19 and was at a lost when it came to informing the supply chain of demand

  • For many organizations, the ability of its supply chain to successfully execute during COVID-19 determined an organization's success and sometimes it's viability