Supply Chain Resiliency

Susan Johnson

EVP - Global Connections & Supply Chain at AT&T

Learning Objectives

Join us for an exclusive interview with Susan Johnson the EVP of Global Connections and Supply Chain at AT&T. In this session, Susan will dive deep into supply chain and sourcing strategies. As well as technology tools that have helped manage their supply chain and the learnings from COVID-19.

Key Takeaways:

  • To give the audience some perspective, can you talk a your role within AT&T and a bit about AT&T’s broader strategy?

  • How have all the events of the past few years (COVID, Tariffs, etc.) impacted AT&T and how has that affected your sourcing and supply chain strategy?

  • How did the relationships with your suppliers change during the pandemic? Did you see some of them able to pivot to meet AT&T’s needs?

  • If you're spreading the business around, maybe you're not getting quite the same deals with suppliers that you were before, or it's costing more because you have to duplicate capabilities in another part of the world. Is there a downside to supplier diversification?

  • There has been a lot of discussion around semiconductor shortages. Has that impacted AT&T and if so, what contingency plans are you working?