Supporting Organizational Resiliency

Russ Felker

CTO at GlobalTranz

Learning Objectives

Today’s businesses must contend with challenges raging from cybercrimes to COVID-19. As a result, organizational resilience is top of mind for many business leaders. Russ Felker, GlobalTranz’s CEO shares proactive steps leaders can take to develop a plan for building and maintaining organizational resiliency in his webinar Supporting Organizational Resiliency. Russ leverages his 25+ years in technology leadership roles to provide organizations an overview of the importance of interconnected technology tools to build a resilient and robust organization as well as steps organizations can take to prepare, protect, respond, and recover from challenges and disruptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • People, processes, and systems represent the foundation of your organizational resiliency plan

  • Organization’s must plan for ‘what’s next’ and business continuality while amid a disruptive event

  • Consistent and unified communications from leadership to employees, customers, and vendors is vital to your organization’s recovery