Surviving the Storm- Resiliency, Backup and Balancing: Keeping the Lights on in the Most Demanding Times

Dan Shelledy

Senior Business Development Manager, Energy Solutions at Wartsila Defense Inc

Nathan Brown

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at Cooperative Energy

Rob McGarrah

General Manager at City of Tallahassee Gas and Electric Utilities

Learning Objectives

The 2020 Hurricane season is predicted to be one of the worst in recent history, and it has certainly offered a flurry of furious challenges to utilities and power producers already. Mission-critical facilities like hospitals, rehab center and police stations don’t have the option for prolonged outages, so local or on-site power must be in place to bridge the gap in the event of a major electric transmission outage due to a hurricane or other natural event. Utilities, mission-critical end-use customers and the equipment providers can talk about overcoming the loss of grid power, as well as how on-site power offers them versatility in the future. These facilities are not only important for Resiliency and Reliability but also provide Flexibility to enable the growth of renewable generation in a future power system. This webinar will explore how two utilities are using gas fired reciprocating engine technology to achieve these goals.