Taxes: The Only Certainly Thing in a World of Uncertainty

Mitch Feldman

Director, R&D Operations at Corporate Tax Incentives

Stephanie Banuelos

Director of Credits & Incentives at Corporate Tax Incentives

Learning Objectives

Today’s CFOs must evenly spread their traditional CFO role and that of strategist across their business. More than ever, finance leaders serve as strategic advisers who work to advance business outcomes. When considering what's best for your business, during this pandemic - whether cybersecurity, risk management, sustainability, productivity, etc. - tax incentives offer CFOs certainty. In this session, we will discuss tools, tactics, and approaches to the working capital with innovation through tax incentives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how everyday business activities could qualify for valuable tax savings

  • Grasp key indicators that signal potential for big savings

  • Learn how CFOs can put themselves in the best situation to document and capture these tax incentives