The Anubis Clock

Aamir Lakhani

Senior Security Strategist at Fortinet

Learning Objectives

The threat landscape has completely changed. In the last twelve months we have seen supply chain attacks, an increase in ransomware (with an explosion of cryptocurrency value), and a dedication from attackers against industrial control and IoT system.

The remote workforce is expected to continue to be a target in 2021 along with corporate assets that are finically and politically motivated by attackers.

We are working, communicating, and interacting in ways that are different taking advantage of remote applications and connectivity technologies. Attackers know this as well. They are targeting your VPNs, remote desktop systems, growing more advanced with phishing attacks, targeting home-based IoT systems, remote conferencing applications, and gaming systems.

The talk will explore hacker tools, techniques, Darknet markets, and DeepWeb exploits attackers are using to attack, exploit, and breach organizations around the globe.