The Case for Digital Transformation and a Customer-Centric Approach in B2B Finance

Craig O’Neill

CEO at VersaPay

Learning Objectives

Not long ago, all but your biggest customers had to submit to your invoicing and payment processes. Now, due to changing expectations, shifts in workforce demographics, and the “new normal” of remote work, even your smallest customers demand an invoicing and payment experience that works for them. In order to succeed in today’s environment, organizations must put their customers at the center of everything they do, and they must have the techstack to support that approach. Are you ready?

Join Craig O’Neill, CEO at VersaPay, a Toronto-based fintech company and leading provider of invoice-to-cash solutions, for a discussion on the current state of B2B finance departments, with a key focus on Accounts Receivables.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a Customer-Centric approach to B2B Finance

  • What economic and lifestyle factors are driving this change

  • Real examples of organizations who have transformed