The Critical Role of Delivery Services: Shipt’s Response to Rapid Growth During COVID-19

Harley Butler

Chief Marketing Officer at Shipt

Learning Objectives

The COVID-19 pandemic completely upturned retail. Delivery services that were once marketed as a convenience for some turned into a necessity for many. As a result, Shipt - a same-day-delivery marketplace - rapidly scaled its business amidst a period of record-breaking demand by doubling its shopper community, expanding its customer support team, recognizing shoppers with bonus pay and adding new in-app features. In addition to operational changes, the team pivoted the way it engaged and marketed to customers by understanding the need to quickly educate and support customers and new shopper leads during a time of increased need and demand. In this presentation, Shipt CMO Harley Butler will share how Shipt altered its marketing and customer engagement strategy during a period of rapid growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • General understanding of COVID-19’s impact on the retail industry and the increased demand/growth for last-mile delivery services

  • Tips for rethinking your longer-term customer growth and retention strategy plus ways to adjust marketing messaging during a crisis

  • COVID-19’s impact on future marketing and Shipt's messaging reshaping with interest from new demographics