The Customer’s Voice: A New Type of Brand Loyalty

Gretchen Saegh-Fleming

Chief Commercial Officer at Hydrow

Learning Objectives

Introduced in 2018, Hydrow arrived to an already crowded connected fitness category - with several established leaders - that has continued to expand at exponential rates, making the case for brand loyalty an uphill battle. Hydrow’s core marketing strategy complements the brands’ mission - to make the sport of rowing more accessible to everyone - and has contributed to an unprecedented disruption of the category. By prioritizing the voice of the consumer, differentiation of experience, community building and meaningful impact, Hydrow successfully engages new and existing customers and builds on a new type of brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always start by understanding the voice of the consumer - Brand Sentiment, Social Listening, Ratings & Reviews, Million Meter Club Stories led us to understand our own “differentiated” Brand positioning. Let your customers (members) tell you what your brand positioning is, rather than prescribing it.

  • Lean into that differentiation and away from “sameness."

  • Plant Acorns. Create value in the community before asking anything in return. Start by Building trust and relationship.