The Death of Content as King

Jon Hinderliter

Director of Marketing and Communications at Washington University in St. Louis

Learning Objectives

From the new book, "The Death of Content as King: How a Data Democracy has Revolutionized Marketing," the marketing industry is experiencing a once in a century paradigm shift towards data as the era of content marketing has come to an end. Marketers, communicators, and advertisers have found their content strategies of yesteryear fail as search engine optimization and organic social media reach have been cut off by major platforms where the majority of advertising dollars are now spent. The data powered revolution requires new framework models and a modern consumer journey. With this foundation, the founding fathers and mothers of their organization's data democracy will benefit from this new unlimited wealth of knowledge.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the era of content marketing has come to an end as data has revolutionized the marketing industry

  • How consumers are experiencing the impact everyday as they interact with platforms that use data to provide a personalized experience

  • To be successful, a new strategy for organizations is required that embraces data as the voice of the consumer enabling decisions based on data at every stage of the consumer journey