The Ever Evolving CFO Role – Value Generation; or The New Norm in Casual Dining – Off Premise and Growth through Digital

Nicole Milnthorpe

CFO at Smokey Bones

Learning Objectives

Nicole Milnthorpe, CFO, Smokey Bones, will share how she's navigated through the pandemic and how the CFO role has changed throughout the years. You will learn the importance of value creation and how to prepare for upcoming industry trends.

Key Takeaways:

  • How has the CFO role evolved over the years?

  • What is the difference between a traditional CFO and a Value Creator?

  • What roles have you assumed within the Company that focus around value creation?

  • How was the Company set up for success heading into the pandemic?

  • What is Smokey Bones doing that is innovative to the casual dining sector?

  • What investments is Smokey Bones making into the digital strategy?

  • What is Smokey Bones doing in way of the new trends of Virtual Brands and Ghost Kitchens?

  • What is Smokey Bones viewpoint on the future of casual dining?