The FP&A Transformation Roadmap

Dr. Liran Edelist

President at Jedox Inc.

Learning Objectives

Get a practical roadmap to FP&A Digital Transformation in this presentation by Dr. Liran Edelist, President of Jedox, Inc. While the meaning of digital transformation has evolved in recent years, it is still perplexing to many organizations, and few have formally implemented changes to adapt to the changes digital transformation has brought. Learn how to begin your finance transformation wherever you're at right now and the key challenges you’ll face along the way. Embark on the journey that is more within reach than most organizations realize.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get a simple, straightforward overview of Digital Transformation for FP&A

  • Learn the key challenges you'll face in your FP&A Transformation journey

  • Discover the advantages at different digital maturity levels