The Future of the CISO Role

Rob Hornbuckle

CISO & VP at Allegiant Air

Learning Objectives

The future of the CISO role is relationship focused and business aligned. Historically, the role has been setup as either a dead end or a scapegoat. However, with growing awareness of the concerns around security and privacy as well as the skills gap within the industry, the role will need to evolve. Providing your organization with strategic advantage that is business aligned is of critical importance. The most successful CISOs will have identified and mastered a relationship focused mindset as vital to their ability to be an effective leader in the information security space. While it is possible to maintain the status quo and survive, be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to develop in the current environment and solidify your position as a trusted advisor who fully understands the business they are charged with protecting and promoting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationships

  • Business

  • Strategy