The Goldfish Got It Wrong: Why Longform Creative Is More Important Than Ever

Marc Binkley

VP of Digital & Marketing Strategy at Anstice Marketing Agency

Learning Objectives

As the now ionfamous comparison goes, humans and goldfish have the same attention span. The argument is that the digitization of media and accompanying behavior of instant gratification has decreased our ability to focus on anything for much longer than we can tie our shoes. As a result, brands have shifted significannt resources towards snackable content and short format videos.

The problem with this assumption is two-fold. First, we aren't goldfish and our attention spans are much longer than we'd previously imagined. Secondly, this assumption has steered marketers to create more short and increasingly ineffective content. In this presentation, Marc will provide proof that we've had it wrong and share three specific opportunities that brands can take advantage of.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assuming customer's have 9 second attention spans have led marketers down a dead end

  • The attention span of our customers is much longer than we'd previously thought

  • Long-form content offer brands more opportunities to engage customers and drive better business results