The “Jerry Maguire” Management Style of Recruiting

Cathy Henesey

Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at AdventHealth

Learning Objectives

Today, in this unprecedented unemployment market, great hospitals no longer depend only on innovation, creativity to attract new candidates, retain existing employees, and serve our patients— They need to satisfy the emotional desires, cultural-orientation and needs of all the players. To understand their emotional desires, needs, we need to establish personal relations with these players—the “Quan”. The “Quan” is about bringing love, respect, and community to the workplace.

In the movie, “Jerry Maguire”, Jerry, an average sports agent, wanted to change the industry and his client (Rod, the football player) wanted to transform the relationship of “Coins to Quan”. It is not about the money. It is more than that and people want to connect with personal values with their work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the key metrics that it takes to measure the success of an award winning Talent Acquisition department

  • Develop a unique relationship style that brings a sense of community, love and respect to the selection process

  • Take home 20 “Little Things” to connect with someone in less than 1 minute to create a long lasting relationship