The New Normal for Sales Visits

Charles Forsgard

VP of Global Sales at Honeywell

Learning Objectives

Changes forced by the pandemic are leading to a new hybridization of our sales forces and how they work. The pandemic forced outside sales forces to move from face to face to virtual selling overnight. While counter intuitive, not seeing customers in person led to salespeople actually seeing customers more often. The better planning and follow-up enabled by more office time drove increased wins with customers. As we move to the new normal, the role of the outside salesperson will now best be a hybridization of face to face and virtual selling.

Key Takeaway:

  • Insight on what did and did not work during the pandemic.

  • Lessons learned on the impact that sales leadership’s language will have on their seller’s behavior and focus.

  • A template for an operating system and KPIs to balance the leading and lagging indicators of your sales team as you guide them to be more proactive.