The Organic Flow

Sharon Bournes

Senior Director of Marketing at National Dentex Labs

Learning Objectives

Marketing teams are juggling a tremendous amount of projects at once. They are typically responsible for creating materials, ensuring all stakeholders have approved of the materials, and then ensuring that production occurs seamlessly. Whether digital via files, in the cloud entirely, or a printed document, a marketing piece is generated to drive awareness and ultimately, action. If a marketing team does not have an organic flow to their overall production process, issues can occur. In addition, an organic flow can also provide opportunities for team members to hone their skills and prepare for the next steps in their career. This presentation shares the basics of an Organic Flow and how to incorporate it into your company's marketing team to drive increased efficiencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is an Organic Flow?

  • Clear steps to incorporate the Organic Flow into your company's marketing team

  • How to use the Organic Flow to help your marketing team members flourish and stay excited about the possibilities they have within your organization