The Rise of the Cyber Criminal: The Threat That Feasts on Our New Ways of Working

Rhonda Childress

IBM Fellow, VP- Global Technology Services Data Security and Privacy Officer at IBM

Jack Cherkas

Enterprise Architect at IBM

Sergio Borger

Business Innovation Officer at IBM

Learning Objectives

Enabling employees for remote work has created vulnerabilities that cyber criminals are eager to exploit. Organizations need to be aware of and prepared to protect, defend, and respond to these new cybersecurity risks. Learn how these risks are evolving as organizations now shift towards a mixed physical-remote office model, how IBM has helped clients address these concerns, and discover actions you can take to protect your critical systems and data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber attacks are not a matter of "if" but "when"

  • Ensure you have a plan to PREPARE, PROTECT, RECOVER

  • WHEN you are attacked, you need to recover as quickly, safely, and securely as possible to enable your business to continue to function