The Road Back to In-Person Events

Kelly Edwards

Global Head of Strategy & Marketing at Bloomberg Live

Learning Objectives

Please join the Global Head of Strategy & Marketing for Bloomberg Live as she discusses the effect of COVID-19 on live events and what the future looks like moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Last year, as the pandemic upended our work lives and sent everyone into quarantine working from home, but events also came to a screeching halt. What was that like for your business, given the focus on live events and in person convenings? Tell me more about what makes up virtual events - without people convening in person, aren’t virtual events the same as broadcast or streaming content? What makes this different? What were the biggest challenges in pivoting from in person to virtual events?

  • You work with corporate marketers on these events. What were the challenges and opportunities for them in the shift?

  • It’s been a full year now since things shut down, and we are one quarter into 2021. What are you observing and planning for in the remainder of this year? Will we see in person events in 2021?

  • What is the longer term impact of this period on events - in 2022 and beyond when we are “back to normal”?

  • What do marketers need to be thinking about as they plan for the future