The “Secret Sauce” for Effective Talent Management

Richard Davis

Director of Human Resources at Atlas Technologies, Inc.

Learning Objectives

Studies have shown that less than 30% of employees are fully engaged at work. Most new hires, with a few exceptions, are fully engaged and excited. So, what happens to these excited, motivated, and engaged new hires? Why do good employees leave? Why do some find managing others difficult? The great news is that there exists a "secret sauce" to develop a highly effective recipe for reducing turnover, increasing retention, and creating a highly engaged and enthusiastic workforce. The "secret sauce" creates the recipe to ease the burden of managing others. The good news....there is no cost and the ingredients are already available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of the factors that drive employee engagement

  • Learn the most significant mistakes managers make to impact employee productivity

  • Learn the "Secret Sauce" ingredients for effective talent managment