The Technologist’s Guide to Building Innovative Teams

Kanyatta Walker

Vice President, Digital Transformation Portfolio Management at ADP

Learning Objectives

Most tech leaders find themselves on the same endless quest: to build a winning team. The power to spark innovation lies in the talent and culture of an organization. So how do you create the right blend of skills, expertise, diversity and cultural fit? What should you look for in potential employees, and what should they expect out of you? Additionally, how to do you leverage technology properly to transform workflows of those employees while still enhancing business operations? ADP VP of Digital Transformation Kanyatta Walker shares a leadership road map to building innovative teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Diversity drives innovation and remains a core principle to building high-performance teams

  • Innovation and team-building rely on trust. Team leaders set the tone in creating a trustworthy culture

  • The nature of technology advancement requires teams that can embrace change and leaders hold the keys to change management