The X Factor: How the Experience Changed Everything

Amanda Hume

Head of Change Management Experience at HP

Learning Objectives

Change happens every day at HP. And, it's critical to our survival. With over a decade of change behind us, and a digital transformation underway, we know that how we manage change makes a difference to the speed and success of the change itself. At HP we have an approach that captures best practices and lessons learned in how to drive successful change for our employees and HP. We'd like to share that approach with you so that you can design change programs that accelerate business outcomes and drive applied engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how putting the employee at the center of what you do is critical to setting the right tone and pace for change

  • Learn why experience-based objectives are central to delivering a change program that is relevant and effective

  • Learn how HP designs and builds its change programs using experience journey mapping