Total Rewards Ecosystem: How to Adjust Your Total Rewards Strategy in the Post-Pandemic World

Michael Puck

Senior Strategy Consultant at Kronos

Julie Develin

Strategy Consultant at Kronos

Learning Objectives

How has the pandemic changed what employees want? Does employee experience still matter, or has money become the most critical value currency during times of uncertainty? Learn how to use the Total Rewards Ecosystem to determine which value currencies address the changing needs and wants of your workforce and how to shift your focus. A well-tailored mix of post-pandemic value currencies will attract the right employees, retain your high performers, and drive improved business outcomes. The Total Rewards Ecosystem will take you behind the scenes of how economic drivers influence employee behavior and how to translate those findings into actionable steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the five value currencies and 30 variables that make up the Total Rewards Ecosystem

  • Learn how the pandemic has influenced what employees want and how to make adjustments to address the Total Rewards Ecosystem framework's changing needs

  • Create your own Total Rewards Ecosystem with adjusted value currencies that are important in the post-pandemic world to attract, engage, and retain talent