Transforming “IT”

Ron Norris

Sr. Innovation Leader, Operations at Georgia-Pacific

Learning Objectives

What is "IT"? It's not simply Information Technology. It is everything. How can you transform one part of the enterprise and not others? Do we stop with the supply chain? What about the customer experience? Transforming "IT" isn't simply about IT and OT, it is about have the honesty to realize that for this thing to work, IT has to change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yesterday: Hoping that customers buy what your asset makes. Today: Focusing on what our customers want and being the most effecient at delivering it.

  • "Digital Transformation" is only part of the journey. Re-imagine a complete transformation including not only The Supply Chain, but also Leadership, The Employee Experience and The Customer Experience

  • Decision Rights live at the intersention of Perspective and Knowledge