Two-Way vs. One-Way Dialog with Consumers

Mark Rothwell

VP of Marketing at Two-Way vs. One-Way Dialog with Consumers

Learning Objectives

The power of community! Brands are challenged with building deep, rewarding relationships and with the growing skepticism of marketing, how can brands beat this strong headwind? Leveraging the power of online customer communities allows you to build strong relationships that allow for just-in-time, meaningful engagements that not only deepens the interaction, but is a joint partnership to improve the overall brand experience. Think about having access to a community of your most engaged customers that is thousands strong and you not only experience increased customer satisfaction, you also inspire loyalists, all while cultivating valuable, quantitative insights that drives growth and improves overall profitability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how building an online community can drive satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy

  • Why two-way dialog with customers outperforms one-way marketing messages 

  • How to get quantitative level consumer insights in 72 hours