Understanding the Voice of the Customer is the First Step in Strategic Partnership

Allison Cory

Assistant Vice President of Procurement at Intermountain Healthcare

Learning Objectives

Join us for Executive Interview with the Assistant Vice President of Procurement at Intermountain Healthcare. She will be discussing everything you need to know about creating a strategic partnership. Along with how COVID has impacted their supplier partnerships and how InterMountain Healthcare is working through these challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Are there key operational complexities, that were exacerbated in COVID that highlighted opportunities to partner with supplier differently?

  • Did you experience unique challenges in logistically partnering through Covid with your suppliers? Are there special things we should understand to appreciate the downstream operational issues?

  • COVID brought forth a number of operational challenges along the entire supply chain continuum. As a supplier to you as a provider organization, what strategy changes have you made in response that we should better understand?