Utility Case Study: Automation Resolves Central Hudson’s Solar Billing Challenges

Lora Gescheidle

Controller at Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp

Sean Manna

US Supervisor of AP & Financial Records at Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp

Mark Scherluebbe

Senior Director at EY-Parthenon

Learning Objectives

Central Hudson experienced exponential growth in community distributed generation (CDG) projects in its service territory resulting in large numbers of customers subscribing to these community solar PV offerings. These customers pay the CDG project developer, or host, a subscription fee and in turn receive credits for their allocated portion solar generation. The customers are not directly connected to the projects like customers who own residential solar panels. Central Hudson must track electricity generation and consumption from these community solar projects in aggregate, as well as keep track of each subscriber’s individual credit allocation.

Each month, Central Hudson calculates the value of the generation produced by each ‘host’ account, calculates the allocation of that generation through credits to each subscriber and distributes those credits to each account. On average, these projects have approximately 800 subscribers. With the growing number of CDG projects and the exponential growth of subscribers, manual billing with a limited staff was not a viable solution. Central Hudson selected Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to shoulder the additional workload.