VR Meets HR: Immersive Training and the Future of Work

Bryce Luken

Chief Operating Officer at VR Meets HR: Immersive Training and the Future of Work

Learning Objectives

Please join the Chief Operating Officer from Moth + Flame, Bryce Luken in this Executive Interview where he will discuss how virtual reality immersive training aids the future of work in Human Resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • Can you tell us about the current state of VR? Some think that it was overhyped and is underdelivering for casual consumers, but that’s not what we’re seeing in the enterprise. What do you think about VR’s growth in the enterprise and why this is accelerating now?

  • What is it about immersive training that makes it more effective and efficient over other methods?

  • What does Moth+Flame provide to its customers? Tell us a bit about your offerings for both the private and public sector.

  • Can you talk us through what it looks like when you start working with a company? What is the development process like, and how does existing programs or curriculum fit into this?

  • Can you tell us how VR training can help HR departments?