Want to be Resilient? Double Down on Inclusion

Amanda Felkey

Economics Professor at Lake Forest College

Learning Objectives

There are myriad ways in which inclusion can enhance resilience, both at the individual and organizational level. The key to fostering inclusion begins with the individual--behavior change is key. Policies, if not executed out by empathetic and inclusive individuals, will not necessarily enhance equity. There are multiple equilibria or steady states in which organizations can settle. There is one where inclusion is plentiful with meaningful diversity that enhances empathy and reinforces inclusive behavior. The other is with low levels of inclusion, diversity is not meaningful and empathy will not grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research indicates that inclusion enhances individual and organizational resilience in several ways

  • Inclusion is enhanced with meaningful behavior change, not policy

  • There are good and bad "inclusion" steady states into which organizations can settle