WE RISE – Women Elevated Results in Success for Everyone

Sarvi Bajwa

Vice President of Supply Chain Operations, US East and Canada at The Coca-Cola Company

Learning Objectives

Three years ago, the WE RISE initiative was conceived and launched to develop strategies and support systems to improve gender diversity at Director level and higher in the Coca Cola NA Supply Chain Organization. At the start of the journey, 35% of Managers in SC at entry and mid levels of the org were women, but at Director and higher levels, that number dropped to 18%. The WE RISE journey placed a high level of focus on both attracting and promoting Women in Supply Chain. Three years later, the numbers are much different. I will share more details of this journey, and its results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monthly Connection - A team of Women leaders was formed, and led by a high potential leader. I, as the Region VP was the team sponsor

  • Own and drive self development - Members of WE RISE committed to working through a Development Checklist. The checklist is built with activities and exercises that have a proven history of driving development

  • Exposure Points - Diversity training tells us that Women are less likely than men to promote their accomplishments. This strategy is intended to promote interactions with senior leader so that their name, and contributions is seen by these leaders