What Algorithms Miss: From Incremental Growth to Visionary Ideas

Will Miller

Executive Director of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness, & Strategic Planning at Jacksonville University

Learning Objectives

If every decision we ultimately reach is simply one iteration away from everything we've already experienced, consumed, or watched, how do we expand? How do we grow? More importantly, how do we possibly do the unexpected? We need to be cognizant of data and what it tells us while becoming more willing to stretch our limits. After all, failing to do so makes it impossible for us to be anything tomorrow that's beyond a little different than today. Tomorrow’s problems may require solutions that go beyond the scope of answers available yesterday. We can only hope to address them by trying something no algorithm would predict.  

  • Understand the power data holds in today's society and the influence it has on individual decision-making 

  • Determine ways to balance the desire for choice, the psychological impact for choice, and the dangers of simply doing what is predicted 

  • Explore how capturing data to act on helps us move beyond algorithmic incrementalism