Who’s Truly Driving Your Organisation’s Move to A Digital-First Culture?

Greig Sharman

Chief Technology Officer at NSPCC

Learning Objectives

There is a difference between organisations born digital and those transitioning to become more digital. Is it leadership, risk, governance, regulation that therefore counts? The facts speak for themselves – When you consider the results of any organisation with a self-proclaimed digital-first leader at the helm, they are generally outperforming across the board.

Key Takeaways:

  • Does describing yourself as a technology company - and a digital leader - change the way you harness tech’s potential?

  • Given its impact on business performance how do you facilitate this exploratory conversation at the board level?

  • Has people’s introduction to a digital workplace, no matter how sophisticated, created a rare window for the technologist to discuss the future role of technology in their lives and the culture of the business?

  • If the organisation is digital first, what does that mean for the way you prioritise talent and skill development?