Why Are We Still Investigating Discrimination Like it’s 1964?

Steven Zwerin

Director, Human Resources Investigations Unit at City of Seattle

Learning Objectives

Whether you have an internal investigations team, or use external attorneys, discrimination investigations rarely resolve underlying workplace issues. Unresolved conflict is very expensive for employers. It can lead to lawsuits, which are expensive to defend, even if you "win."

In a 20 year career, I've investigated discrimination for major corporations and government agencies. Now I lead an internal investigations team for the largest city in the Northwest. In this presentation, I'll walk you through why unresolved conflict is so expensive, why typical workplace investigations are ineffective, and how to fix these issues. My methods can help your organization resolve conflict early, before issues become difficult and expensive to resolve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why unresolved conflict is so expensive for employers
  • Why typical discrimination investigations are ineffective
  • How to resolve workplace conflict (and save money for your organization)