Why DevSecOps is One of the Biggest Trends in 2021

Keith Watson

Director of DevOps at ADP

Learning Objectives

DevSecOps integrates security within its operations and development, to ensure that businesses are protected in the best way possible, right from the start. The current global climate has seen a real quickening in pace of the evolution of security threats and in turn, how important having a good system incorporated into the development lifecycle from the very beginning is! This session will provide an overview of the current state of application security automation, pipelines, and best practices and will focus on the trade-offs between testing depth, time, and automation coverage to help your business maximise application security coverage of your pipeline.

Key Takeaways:

  • How does DevSecOps improve software development and delivery in reality?

  • Establishing best practices in how to implement and embed DevSecOps within your organisation

  • Pinpointing the common challenges and pitfalls along the way with implementation of a DevSecOps strategy

  • Is DevSecOps the future of DevOps?