Why Most Data Breach Responses Fail: Cause and Effect to the Company and Their Consumers

Michael Bruemmer

VP, Global Data Breach & Protection at Experian

Learning Objectives

The threat of data breaches impacts every organization, large and small. In the aftermath of a data breach, companies must deal with financial loss, hefty fines, a reputational hit and customers leaving. Ensuring you have the right people and processes in place before an attack occurs will make a significant difference in how an attack impacts your company's operations, reputation and bottom line. Experian's Michael Bruemmer takes you through real-life examples of why most breach responses fail both the affected company and their consumers. Don't make the same mistakes!

Key Takeaways:

  • Stages of a data breach incident

  • Why do breach response outcomes fall short?

  • Is your company truly prepared and ready to respond?