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Dr. Alise Cortez

Employee Purpose Expert and Radio Host at WorkProud

Michael Rose

Renowned Reward Consultant and Author at WorkProud

Jill Christensen

Employee Engagement Expert and Author at WorkProud

Learning Objectives

Proud of Your Work – Proud of Your Company

WorkProud's mission is to enable leaders to build cultures where employees are Proud of Their Work and Proud of Their Company. To support this, we work diligently to constantly bring you unique and actionable perspectives on employee pride, purpose, and meaning from top HR innovators.These insights and conversations provide a starting point for you and your leadership team to assess your own culture and implement strategies from experts who have invaluable employee recognition experience.The following video provides highlights from some of those recent conversations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to become more of an inspirational leader

  • Learn to unleash more meaning in the workplace

  • Learn how to create a culture where employees are Proud of their Work and Proud of their company