Wow This Is Expensive! Saving on Outbound Freight in Ecommerce

Dallas Clarksean

Chief Operations Officer at

Learning Objectives

Freight is one of your top 3 expenses in ecommerce. In this Webinar you will hear about the approach takes to keep shipping costs down while meeting customer expectations. Topics include: metrics to track and how they utilize testing for decision making, unique savings strategies, some hard learned lessons in contract negotiation, and their current approach to selecting and on-boarding 3PLs to save money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Never make a decision regarding shipping prices, discounts, or cut offs without testing for true bottom line impact

  • Sometimes savings is in the dirty work. Constant package level analysis can lead to some giant savings

  • 3PL partners can be a great way to leverage someone else's location and capabilities to save you money. When is the right time to implement this strategy and how can you reduce your risks?